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Me.... Coming back to NG?

2010-11-26 11:39:42 by animefireball

I'm probably going to start uploading my commissions here now, so i guess that means i'm coming back to NG after who knows how long its been since i posted my last works here.

FINAL MAXX - Ultimate DDR Collaboration Reimx

2008-01-18 10:19:41 by animefireball

You into DDR right? Well I've been making this new collaboration remix project of all the MAXX Boss stage music. so far, i've only gotten about 70%(more like 40%) of my MAXX 300 remix which so far is a bit more than 6 minutes long. The Colloaberation Project will include remixes of:

Here them Here!

MAX 300
MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix) - Will have to make from scratch...
MAX. (Period) - Will have to make from scratch...
MAX Unlimited
Fasination MAXX - Will have to make from scratch...
Fasination MAX (Eternal Love Mix) - Will have to make from scratch...
Legend of MAX

In the MAXX 300 remix i did, it's a bit of a mixture of Maxx 300, Maxx Period, Maxx Unlimited, and Maxx 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix). Haven't posted a preview of it yet, but i have one ready! Vocal sounds will be added in final product!!!

FINAL MAXX - Ultimate DDR Collaboration Reimx

My Songs So Far...

2007-11-19 15:11:27 by animefireball


I've been working on quite a few peices latley and, unfortunately, some of my peices cannot be posted here on, others will not be posted... But, I will be making some 3 minute previews for those songs too large to be posted here. Here is a list of all my music so far(in order of creation):

Only For A Momment (Uploaded)

Steady (Keys) (Uploaded)

Acting Hero - Rise To The Occassion (Uploaded)

The BlueRuby Project (PENDING UPLOAD)


Song of Voice (Pending Completion) (Comming Soon...)

Stories of the Past (Uploaded)

Seasons Gift Rappings (COMPLETED) (Uploaded)

Walk Amoung Ancients (COMPLETED) (WILL NOT UPLOAD) Hear it! (CLICK HERE)

Sient Hill 2 - Promise (Reprise) (Remix) (WILL NOT UPLOAD)

Black Media Project (INCOMPLETE) (Uploaded) (PREVIEW)

Rajiyn - Dream Holiday (shadow789 reMix) (Uploaded)

Groove Masters (Uploaded)

Healing Waters of Tranquility (Uploaded)



More Comming Soon... ^_^

My Songs So Far...